The Optimist’s Oath, a free download


The Optimist’s Creed, written in 1912, by Christian D. Larson, outlines how to live with an optimistic and kind attitude. If everyone on the planet could live according to this document, we could all trust one another implicitly. This is the kind of world I like to envision. 🙂 Focus on and elevate the good stuff. I created an adapted version of the Optimist’s Creed, as an oath, in an effort to incorporate the concepts into my daily life. If you would like a copy, the purple link below is  a free pdf document designed at a high resolution so that it can be printed.  (Recommended settings: High quality, set “fit to page” so the entire design will print without any cut-off.) The image above can be right clicked with your mouse, copied and shared via email or web.  Feel free to share and enjoy!

Hoshi Hana Optimists Oath – downloadable pdf document (As this is a high resolution formatted image, may take some time to download. This will ensure high quality when printing.)

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