Collaboration with Emerge Inner Life Coaching

I’ve been working with Kim Jordan, owner of Emerge Inner Life Coaching to create images for her website and social media. This new image is for the promotion of a Meet Up group she is facilitating in North Carolina. The concept behind the image was to show how participants will join each other in a nature setting, and then find a quiet space to meditate. They will then capture their mediation experience in their journals by writing poetry and sharing it with the group afterward. Can you see the little journal at the foot of the rock the person is sitting upon? Isn’t it cute?

We have been working together to create a universal green person that could represent a human being in multiple arrays of experience. The images are meant to be playful.
You can check out more of the images we’ve come up with at Kim’s website:
Here is a link to Kim’s Meet Up page:

image for by

Universal green person meditating in the middle of an enchanted forest. Enjoying the present moment. A journal at their side.

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