Cute, kawaii, 2018 year of the dog image to celebrate the dog's attributes: loyal, honest, friendly, smart, straightforward, and venerable.

Wishing you and everyone around you, a happy, healthy and fruitful 2018! May each moment be a joy to encounter! Leading up to this day, I've begun creating new artwork using Adobe Illustrator. Here's a new design for the new year. It's a celebration of the Year of the Dog. 2018 is a Dog year in the Chinese Astrological calendar which Japanese people also celebrate. The Japanese celebrate each January 1st, while the Chinese will celebrate new year's day on February 16th this year.  I created a drawing based on a cute Japanese hariko icon that people use to bring fortune, especially for mothers and children. The hariko inu is a small paper mache dog. Here's a Pinterest board of them: https://www.pinterest.com.au/nancmeister/hariko-inu/.  I'm not sure how old the design is but it dates over 100 years old. I find the design pretty adorable and definitely an antique version of kawaii style. The dog symbolizes loyalty, intelligence, friendliness, honesty, and holiness. I LOVE dogs and made the art work thinking about some of the great dogs I have known. Do you know Japhy the Wizened Chewenie? He's a great dog hero! I've also updated my website and am making a resolution to upload a new post each week. Let's see if I can meet this. I have so many fun projects to report about and collaborations so there'll be more to write about. In the meantime, please check out my new Red Bubble shop! It's got the year of the dog image in cute stickers and other fun items plus an awesome calendar created with transformational life coach, Kim Jordan . Click here to check it out!  

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