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an artist, designer, and teacher.
From my studio in Los Angeles, California
I design artwork to promote peace love, and friendship.
I designed this site to present all of my work as a

I enjoy working in different styles, from
complex psychedelic collages to very simple geometric
digital drawings. What my work has in common, is a
desire to share a positive message of love through art.

I believe in being earth-friendly, caring about our
global community, having a sense of integrity
in the art I make, and in my business practices.

My inspiration for making art comes from a love
of nature founded in my enjoyment of surfing,
and snowboarding. The wisdom of Mother Nature is so
joyful, I hope the art that you find here will convey
that joy to you.

“Hoshi” means “Star,” and “Hana” means “Flower,”
in Japanese. Let peace, love and friendship,
travel like a star and flower in our world!