Authentic Allowing Calendar haul video

It's January 22nd! Do you have a calendar for 2018?  If not, you can always get the Authentic Allowing calendar, and have it start, any month you like! It's cool because you can start your year at any month, so say you get one now, you can have yours begin in February and end in January of next year. The year begins with the month of your choice when you order it. It's a feel good calendar. The artwork and awareness practices in it are designed to create calm well being in one's life. Here's a "haul" video with Kim Jordan of Emerge Inner Life Coaching, taking a first look at the calendar. She and I designed it together. Although Kim lives in North Carolina and I live in Los Angeles, we used Skype to share screens and collaborate fully on how we wanted this project to look and feel. We are offering the Authentic Allowing Calendar through a print on demand website called Red Bubble. Each calendar is printed when one is ordered. We love the fact that they do a great job matching color and print quality to our original intent. Their packaging insures that each calendar is delivered safely and looks beautiful upon receipt. Each month is a large size 11.7 x 16.5 inch print. As you can see in the video, it allows for writing notes for each day, with a nice size for enjoying the art and text. We priced it at $23. Shipping is about $11 within the continental United States, a little pricey but it insures the calendar will get to you safely in a flat cardboard package. Click here to see more and visit the Red Bubble page where it is offered. Have a wonderful week and thanks for reading! I'll have another blog update next Monday. : )

Internal Peace for External Peace

image of Optimist's OathHappy Martin Luther King Day! It's great to think of all the strides that have been made since the 1960's in terms of racial and sexual equality. As we move forward, I like to acknowledge all of the people who made the positive strides happen. Everyone who wishes for the world to be a great place for everyone and everything. It is a sign of strength to stay positive and keep hope alive. Today I share a copy of the Optimist's Creed by Christian D. Larson, re designed as an oath to optimism. It's words inspire connectedness and nobility. You can access different designs for free download here.

Perpetual Art of Allowing Calendar

Using Adobe Illustrator, vector art generating software, I've begun experimenting with creating very simple digital drawings. This calendar features a series of 12 drawings combined with self reflection practices designed with transformational life coach and great friend, Kim Jordan (  This is our second calendar collaboration. We wanted to pare down design and text into the simplest forms possible so that each month was very easy to understand.  Self reflection is about looking inside of oneself to understand who we are. It takes giving yourself time to just quiet down and check inside for answers about how we are feeling, what we are wanting, and what we are doing. I began a personal growth quest in the 1990's because I realized that if I wanted to have more peace and love in the world, I needed to first find peace and love within myself. Self reflection takes a lot of humility, and it is an ongoing work in progress. It's learning to be very honest about how you are feeling in any given moment. I wanted to create a easy to use tool based on personal growth practices that have been most beneficial to me over the years, by collaborating with Kim Jordan who has been on the same journey of developing inner peace, as a way to create external peace. The exercises in the calendar are open to interpretation and are not meant to force any ideology, they are simple tools anyone can use of their own free will. They work like road signs that point to different directions of your choosing. What Kim and I wish is for our project to help manifest more peace in people's internal as well as external lives. This perpetual calendar allows you start the year off at any month, and end exactly one year later. If you are interested in finding out more about this project, it is available in my Red Bubble store here


Cute, kawaii, 2018 year of the dog image to celebrate the dog's attributes: loyal, honest, friendly, smart, straightforward, and venerable.

Wishing you and everyone around you, a happy, healthy and fruitful 2018! May each moment be a joy to encounter! Leading up to this day, I've begun creating new artwork using Adobe Illustrator. Here's a new design for the new year. It's a celebration of the Year of the Dog. 2018 is a Dog year in the Chinese Astrological calendar which Japanese people also celebrate. The Japanese celebrate each January 1st, while the Chinese will celebrate new year's day on February 16th this year.  I created a drawing based on a cute Japanese hariko icon that people use to bring fortune, especially for mothers and children. The hariko inu is a small paper mache dog. Here's a Pinterest board of them:  I'm not sure how old the design is but it dates over 100 years old. I find the design pretty adorable and definitely an antique version of kawaii style. The dog symbolizes loyalty, intelligence, friendliness, honesty, and holiness. I LOVE dogs and made the art work thinking about some of the great dogs I have known. Do you know Japhy the Wizened Chewenie? He's a great dog hero! I've also updated my website and am making a resolution to upload a new post each week. Let's see if I can meet this. I have so many fun projects to report about and collaborations so there'll be more to write about. In the meantime, please check out my new Red Bubble shop! It's got the year of the dog image in cute stickers and other fun items plus an awesome calendar created with transformational life coach, Kim Jordan . Click here to check it out!