New Show!


I'm currently working on a new show for June! It's called Would You Kiss A Faerie and it is designed for an adult audience. This show is 23 years in the making. I started the artwork in the vicinity of 1994 which is totally crazy for me to think about because the time went so quickly. All of the images were shot on film and then collaged in Photoshop. In the early stages it took hours for files to save. Now with my new computer, what used to take hours takes seconds. All of my files whiz into shape and they print beautifully thanks to some cool color calibration work I was able to do with digital color print guru, Paul Dupont of Greenleaf Associates.

I plan to begin posting more about this show and the process of putting it together. For now here's the show invite postcard with more info to follow. The featured image is of the always fabulous, international art star, Vaginal Davis as the Faerie Goddess mother who was very gracious in contributing her beauty to this project.