Feeling Grateful

Thank-You-by-Hoshi-HanaThis Thanksgiving Day, 2015, I feel consumed with gratitude. Thankful to be in Los Angeles. Thankful to have friends and a supportive family. Thankful to be surrounded by people who are caring and loving. Thankful for food and a warm place to rest. Thankful to have music to listen to and amazing friends who make this music. Thankful to have a computer, electricity and a car. Thankful to have an iPhone to take pictures and communicate with you. Thankful for education and technology. Thankful for health. Thankful for the earth. Thankful for all the people who do the right things day after day. Thankful for EVERYTHING! May all be well with you and your circle. May we all work together to create a harmonious place for now into future generations. Have a Great Thanksgiving everybody!