Internal Peace for External Peace

image of Optimist's OathHappy Martin Luther King Day! It's great to think of all the strides that have been made since the 1960's in terms of racial and sexual equality. As we move forward, I like to acknowledge all of the people who made the positive strides happen. Everyone who wishes for the world to be a great place for everyone and everything. It is a sign of strength to stay positive and keep hope alive. Today I share a copy of the Optimist's Creed by Christian D. Larson, re designed as an oath to optimism. It's words inspire connectedness and nobility. You can access different designs for free download here.


Cute, kawaii, 2018 year of the dog image to celebrate the dog's attributes: loyal, honest, friendly, smart, straightforward, and venerable.

Wishing you and everyone around you, a happy, healthy and fruitful 2018! May each moment be a joy to encounter! Leading up to this day, I've begun creating new artwork using Adobe Illustrator. Here's a new design for the new year. It's a celebration of the Year of the Dog. 2018 is a Dog year in the Chinese Astrological calendar which Japanese people also celebrate. The Japanese celebrate each January 1st, while the Chinese will celebrate new year's day on February 16th this year.  I created a drawing based on a cute Japanese hariko icon that people use to bring fortune, especially for mothers and children. The hariko inu is a small paper mache dog. Here's a Pinterest board of them:  I'm not sure how old the design is but it dates over 100 years old. I find the design pretty adorable and definitely an antique version of kawaii style. The dog symbolizes loyalty, intelligence, friendliness, honesty, and holiness. I LOVE dogs and made the art work thinking about some of the great dogs I have known. Do you know Japhy the Wizened Chewenie? He's a great dog hero! I've also updated my website and am making a resolution to upload a new post each week. Let's see if I can meet this. I have so many fun projects to report about and collaborations so there'll be more to write about. In the meantime, please check out my new Red Bubble shop! It's got the year of the dog image in cute stickers and other fun items plus an awesome calendar created with transformational life coach, Kim Jordan . Click here to check it out!  

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Keep Love Alive vector art by Kim Jordan and Hoshi Hana.

With all of the sudden changes that are taking over our country and the world around us, it is so important to keep positive and stay on the course of keeping love alive in all that we do. Whether it’s with family, friends, co-workers, animal buddies, or community, keep love alive for everyone and everything!   When we share love, it grows and feeds the air around us with a fresh scent.

KEEP LOVE ALIVE  is a drawing I created in collaboration with Kim Jordan of

We also made a sticker set available here at Zazzle:

Get a set and stick it on your stuff to spread the message. ❤

Wishing you a lovely Valentine’s Day!
Love, Hoshi Hana

Happy 2017!


It’s a new year! Time to resolve to move forward with a positive spirit and motivation to do well in all we endeavor!  Happy new year everyone!

Love, Hoshi Hana

2017 Self Coaching Calendar

Cover of Be Your Own Coach calendar by artist Hoshi Hana and inner life coach, Kim Jordan.

I’ve just completed a new calendar design project with my great friend, Kim Jordan. Each month focuses on a specific exercise, that in our words, “you can use to resolve inner conflict, deepen your relationships, liberate your essential gifts, fine tune your self awareness, embrace the present moment and engage with the world fully.”
The artwork features a green universal individual who represents the person using the calendar, in a variety of liberated stances related to the exercises. Here is one of our favorite images from March which is about understanding generational perspectives.

Kim is a “inner life” coach who has over 12 years of professional experience helping her clients reveal their best, authentic selves through a practice called VAI (Voice Activated Integration) that she developed along with her colleague, John Hoyle. She designed the exercises, wrote all of the text and guided the ideas for the images. I designed the calendar, created the images and helped edit the text. As one of Kim and John’s clients, I have always felt their techniques could be shared with others to use on their own, with meaningful results. The Be Your Own Coach Calendar is not a replacement for traditional therapy, psychiatry, or a professional coaching relationship. However, for people who are already on a path of inner self refining, it can provide a positive boost towards self awareness and liberated, presence.

Words, like  inner awareness  and authentic self, might sound hokey. We use them to describe a process of self knowledge. I am a fan of personal growth, and have been on a quest to learn how to navigate each moment, to be as authentic as possible, with myself and others. It’s been a continuous journey I’ll probably be on for the rest of my life. I believe that everyone will find a path that will suit their own ways. This project is an offering that Kim and I hope will help.

If you know of a special someone who would benefit from what the Be Your Own Coach Calendar offers, please consider gifting it this season or sharing the following links with them. It’s available in medium and large sizes through my store at Zazzle is a print-on-demand (POD) company which prints items as they are ordered. The links below will take you to each item to purchase on their site. Be sure to use the day’s discount codes located at the top of their pages to get the best deal. 😊

To learn more about Kim Jordan’s inner coaching practice click here:
Emerge Inner Life Coaching website:

Happy 4th of July!

Independence Day! What a great thing to celebrate. The independence of a nation and freedom for its’ people!

Hope you and your family enjoy a great relaxing summer holiday.  Here’s an image symbolizing freedom of the soul I created with Kim Jordan. Another collaboration created for her work at Emerge Inner Life Coachingemerge-LIBERTY. Enjoy!