The original Optimist's Creed text was written by Christian D. Larsen in 1910. I love this text so much, I rewrote it as an oath
and have designed multiple versions which are offered on this page as free downloadable artwork. Click on any image below to
reveal a high resolution file. Though the link may take a few moments to appear, it will allow you to right click and save
a file that will print beautifully from your computer.

About Christian D. Larsen:
"Contemporary research has shown that optimistic people experience longer and healthier lives, better relationships, and higher
incomes. Generations before such findings, however, inspirational writer Christian D. Larson showed an amazing grasp of the
life-changing power of gratitude and optimism. Today, Larson is known worldwide for his powerful meditation, “The Optimist Creed,”
and other classics of spiritual living. Like no one else of his day, Larson understood the metaphysical and psychological dimensions
of grateful living – or, as he famously put it, “an attitude of gratitude.” Affirmative thought, Larson reasoned, sets in motion unseen
forces, both spiritual and psychical, and aids in manifesting our desires." Read more from Google Books link here.