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Art Love Friend is a quirky, imaginative clothing, art and home goods brand I have been developing and will be continue to develop especially over the course of 2020. The plan is to debut new products related to peace and positivity related themes throughout the year. The vision of the shop is to create designs for peace-loving individuals who like to promote their vision of a better world for all to see. High concept, high quality designs are moderately priced and use an eco-friendly print-on-demand platform that creates each item to order. Art Love Friend contributes 50% of its profits to causes and organizations that support peace, social justice, and environmental sustainability around the world. Art Love Friend seeks to be friends/partners with collaborators, customers, community, and our biosphere. The vision is that positive design and business practices will give customers an opportunity for happy self expression combined with a fun and meaningful shopping experience.  The shop is located at

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