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Hoshi Hana blog page header collage image with flowers, amethyst crystals, red star fish, red vases with lit flames, pearls with gold beads, and flowers.


Happy 2021!

I can't believe it's already January 23rd.

It feels like the year just started and I'm still at the beginning of the year!

If you feel the same way, it might have something to do with the surrealism of living life inside in quarantine during a time of pandemic.

If you need a 2021 calendar, I made a free download for subscribers to my ART LOVE FRIEND / HOSHI HANA email list!

All you need to do is go here and subscribe to get it:

I promise not to spam or over send messages. Just share information about projects and updates on stuff and try to do so in a creative, fun way. I'll explain why it says Art Love Friend in my next blog post.

Oh, and here's a video on how to download and print out your calendar once you sign up and get the downloadable link.

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