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This card is designed as a tool, much like a visual ladder, that can be used to guide and maintain one's emotional state to a positive vibration. The image is meant to show how a state of joy, love and gratitude creates connection and abundance. Use the card to gauge where you are on the ladder. If you find yourself in the grey areas, see if you can step up your emotional state, level by level, with the goal of eventually reaching the highest rungs. Use this image to help guide you to a better feeling place at any moment. The goal is that within time you'll find yourself in the colorful area of the card, growing and enjoying life each and every day. Give cards to friends and family to promote good feelings, connection and abundance. Thanks to Dayle Reimer for inspiration.

This card is available for purchase here:

This project is based on the Art of Allowing work by Abraham with Esther and Jerry Hicks. Click here to learn more about their beautiful work:

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