I have found that the system outlined below works out great!

It will require a lot of back and forth communication and you'll have to make a lot of decisions along the way, but your great new project will move forward quickly and efficiently.


Each job begins with a free consultation. You will communicate the specific needs of your project including timeline & budget. I might ask you some clarifying questions. This can all be done via email or phone. 

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I will reply with a quote and completion timeline.  I charge $65 per hour or a negotiated flat rate. When you agree to the quote, I will draw up our contract.

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Once our contract is signed, I will give you specific instructions on preparing any files or information we may need.

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We will be using online tools such as Skype and screen-sharing to collaborate in real time. We will also use Google Docs and Dropbox to share files. When building websites we will use Wix.

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I will guide you through the process of bringing your project to life & we will make it look amazing. The key will be timely communication. I like to give and receive replies within a 24 hour window.

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Once the project is completed and you have approved it, I will send you an invoice. Payment is due upon delivery of receipt for jobs of $500 or less. Projects of $500 or more will require a down payment of 50%. The balance will be due upon receipt after the final approval.

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All completed work will be released to you once payment in full is received. For graphic design, you will receive files through a dropbox.com link, or if the size permits, through email. For websites, I will send you a transfer of ownership to your wix.com site via email.

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Images: wix.com.