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Authentic Allowing for Minimalists: 12 Simple Self-Reflection and Manifestation Practices

Project Type: Book

Date: December 2022

Role: Illustrator, Book Designer, and Co-Editor

Collaborator: Kim Jordan


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Kim Jordan's website

Authentic Allowing for Minimalists is an innovative book series collaboratively created with personal development coach Kim Jordan, a longstanding friend, focusing on the intersection of original artwork and personal growth practices. Stemming from our shared experience in completing the MIT online course u-lab: Leading From the Emerging Future, which emphasized the creation of a project prototype aligned with future aspirations, Authentic Allowing encapsulates the artistic and philosophical essence of cultural movements. The inaugural release, titled "Authentic Allowing for Minimalists: 12 Simple Self-Reflection & Manifestation Practices," marries minimalist artworks with succinct and accessible personal practices, reflecting the values of simplicity, meaningful experiences, and free time promoted by the minimalist lifestyle. Launched in December 2022, the book swiftly achieved the status of's number 1 new release in categories such as Motivational Growth & Spirituality, Spiritual Growth, and Journal Writing, embodying its mission to inspire life-affirming transformations through visually striking and spiritually enriching content.

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