These shops, feature items designed by Hoshi Hana.

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Art Love Friend is a shop and brand created to collaborate and raise funds and awareness for causes and organizations that support peace,

social justice and environmental sustainability around the world.

The shop contributes half of its profits and is a showcase for many of my designs in one storefront.






The Hoshi Hana Etsy shop sells handmade collages, artwork and other items I have designed through the Etsy shopping platform.

I love the fact that Etsy supports small, independent artists and businesses.

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The Hoshi Hana Red Bubble shop features a large variety of clothing, accessories and home goods which I have designed. 

Items are made to order and shipped directly through the Red Bubble Company's website

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The Hoshi Hana Zazzle shop features clothing, accessories and home goods with some of my earlier experiments in print on demand (POD) designing. 

Items are made to order and shipped directly through the Zazzle Company's website.


The site often offers special sales and codes at the very top of the website heading.



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